Stephen Han, Founder


     My love for film started when I was in 6th grade. I had first discovered YouTube and was amazed by the freedom of expression it gave to people. At first, film making was just a hobby, but as I matured, I began to realize what it meant to be passionate for something.
     I began my freelance career 6 years. in the beginning, I had mainly focused on producing music/dance videos and weddings. In recent years, I have started shooting short films and fashion related videos.
     As an artist, I believe that all things are beautiful and that you just have to have the right perspective. Once you find it, you'll be able to understand the hardships it went through, the hard work that was put into it, and the reason behind it.
     When I met Alan, he further proved to me that all things are beautiful. The fact that he and I both shared the same passion, Super 35mm Heroes seemed destined to happen. He is the friend that has helped me work harder and to be a bit more organized. Together we are Super 35.


Alan Dang, Co-Founder


     Hi, I'm Alan. I grew up as a nerd that loved watching film and TV series. Doctor Who (New Gen), All the CW DC shows, TMNT (2005 animated), Castle in the Sky, The Room, and ALL of Christopher Nolan movies.
     I was in my sophomore year of college when I discovered my passion for film, and from then on there was no stopping me from filming. I started filming last summer of 2016 as a solo contractor, from then on my passion for film grew and I started learning all the types of film.  
     When I met my friend Stephen, I didn't realize that he was going to change my life. He is the person that helped me push my passion into the next level and after some time together we determined to join forces and create Super 35.  


Super 35mm Heroes is a film and video production company that strives to create cinematic/modern edits for our clients with cool, sharp visuals & effects. We firmly believe that it is our duty to create these videos with great quality; whilst inspiring others to follow their dreams.