Far From Over

Client: O-Slice
Editor + Cinematographer: Homie
Feb 29, 2016

O-Slice, HYERLearnin, & Stephen Han present to you, "Far From Over". Far From Over features O-Slice in her acting and directing debut. With three new songs and powerful cinematography this film adds to the arsenal of online materials that fuels the movement #BlackLivesMatter. Far From Over was made to give voice to the life, death, and aftermath of everybody who has been and continues to be effected by police brutality in the United States. Always aware of what we are fighting against in this country, the debut film is a powerful reminder that this plight and this movement are bigger than any one of us. Far From Over is a reminder that we must stay active, we must continue to rally, to fight, and to make sure our lives, voices and stories are not only heard, but acknowledged. With help from her family, church members, friends, and peers at The University of Maryland, College Park, O-Slice continues to make art with a purpose. With social justice as the driving force behind this project Far From Over is a warning to all those who do not believe in the power of love, community, and resilience. The fight for justice is Far From Over.